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We, at Bharat Ayurvedic Pharmacy prepare one of the finest and purest ayurvedic medicines and supplements with the aim of establishing a healthy society. Our team of best and experienced Ayurveda, Medicine, and Manufacturing experts work day and night in researching, analysing the customer requirements, and ensuring safe and protective packaging of the products. Our USP is the 'Potent Formulation' which is impactful enough to fetch desired results.

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This is the best ayurvedic cough syrup, infused with essential organic and natural ingredients to attack the root cause of cough and provide relief. So, let it become your savior in the harsh times!

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Best Selling Products
Abrak-Bhasam - Bharata Ayurvedic Pharmacy

Abhrak Bhasam

Abhrak Bhasma is a traditional ayurvedic formulation that uses calcined mica ash, also known as abhrak ash, to treat and manage a variety of health abnormalities,

Abrak Bhasam3.0 min

Supri Pak

Supri Pak manufactured by Bharat Ayurvedic Pharmacy is best general tonic without side effects for reenergizing the internal and external genital system in women.

Basant-Kusmakar- Bharat Ayurvedic Pharmacy

Basant Kusmakar

Bharat Basant Kusumakar Ras is a natural formula beneficial in urinary issues and excessive blood sugar. It is powerful for normalizing and stabilizing the blood glucose level

Customers Reviews

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Kasex cough syrup has a very balanced and supportive formula. It is not strong to hit your throat or taste buds, but still works appropriately. Tulsi and Yashtimadhu work great for my throat. I recommend it to everyone!
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What people say about us

After the pandemic hit hard, my entire family moved towards home remedies and Ayurveda. Thanks to Bharat Ayurvedic Pharmacy, their products are satisfying! Their Kasex is the best ayurvedic cough syrup that helped my mother get instant relief.
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Saurav Vaidya
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